Enjoy Stamp Collecting in Minnesota

Some stamps, a cover or two, ah ... love those cancels ... life is good.


Tim AuldHi, my name is Tim Auld.  I’m am old bloke, a grandfather (I’m so proud) who really enjoys collecting stamps and dinking with Linux and PHP websites. In this website I thought that I’d share  my stamp collecting interests as things change and I learn more. 

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  1. A number of articles that I particularly like.  Some of them I wrote and some have been written by friends of mine and either published or linked to under permission.
  2. I have recently been bitten by the bug for collecting cancels from Minnesota Post Offices, so I have provided (mostly for my benefit) a look up tool were you can find all the Post Offices that have ever been in Minnesota.
  3. Posts about things that I’m finding during on my stamp collecting
  4. My brag page about the websites that I have built or worked on.

My Stamp Clubs

The following is a list of stamp clubs that I very much enjoy being apart of.



Stamporama was begun in 1996 by Jerry Abern who gathered together 6 of his stamp friends from all over the USA and began by publishing the Rambler newsletter and by trading stamps by mail.  The Stamporama website was created by Roy Lingen from buckacover.com around 2002 and the club has moved forward every since.  It now has over 1700 members worldwide, an artive discussion board, an online auction that often has over 7,000 lot, copious philatelic articles, an FAQ area for new collectors and an exhibits area that has some wonderful exhibit.  I encourage you to take a look.  http://stamporama.com




Twin Cities Philatelic Society

Twin Cities Philatelic SocietyThe Twin Cities Philatelic Society is the oldest stamp club in Minnesota. The club originally started in 1913 and has been operating continuously ever since.  We have a real mixture of people and collecting interests, with a very strong USA representation, although many of our members are worldwide collectors and some specialize in other areas like British Commonwealth.







Northern Philatelic Society

Northern Philatelic SocietyThe Northern Philatelic Society came into being with an aim to strengthen and support stamp clubs in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and the Dakotas; to promote philately; and to support and enhance the Northern Philatelic Library.  David Bushard, a long time stamp collector and now director of the Northern Philatelic Library, had an opportunity to buy all the books from a philatelic library collection.  They were being auctioned, so rather than bid for them one at a time David negotiated a deal and so became the proud owner of a large philatelic library.  All the books stayed in David’s basement for a while until he discovered many collectors from the local stamp clubs in the area had an interest in building a real philatelic library.  The library now resides in two apartments in St. Paul, MN.  The board of the library is made up of members from the Northern Philatelic Society.

I have particularly been enjoying working on the setup of the Library.  I’m the webmaster, so setting up the website is always fun, and I have enjoyed working on the cataloging of the books in the library’s collection.